NFC / RFID OEM Modules, available on multiple RF protocols on 13.56 Mhz. Designed specifically for IOT applications, where RFID is required as a sensor interface, and data to be sent to RS232 port. The module is easy to interface with other devices and applications, and can easily fit in most of the IOT applications.

Smart Card Reader

Smart cards reader, for RFID based transactions. Can be used for NFC, 14443 A type, B type and also 15693, for library applications. Runs on 13.56 Mhz. Available specially for custom applications. Contactless distance varies from 5 cm to 10 cm, depending on cards.


iAmulet is a lifestyle gadget, a wonderful wearable remote. It communicates, monitor, track and control. A great assistant, for your family. The wireless range of communication varies from 30 - 200, based on the model.  Zero radiations, extends to unlimited on 4G

UHF USB Reader

UHF usb reader for long range RFID cards and inlays. To be used for cards customization, desktop transactions and custom applications

GPS GPRS Machine

Fully automated, Cloud connected Attendance Machine. Diac Spaa comes up with a user friendly solution, where a user has to just install a Machine, and no network connections to PC are required. The systems transfers the data directly to cloud, and the reporting system on cloud gives all reports. What’s more, the system comes with a cloud based leave management system, generates SMS’s alerts, as the case may be.

Life At Diac Spaa

At Diac, we find ways in order to contribute to Humanity. This we do by leveraging our knowledge and expertise. We explore, we design, we develop and do actual POC’s.

Our products should benefit people and aid them in their day to day life. And our Technology should not cheat them, but help them against Frauds.

“Easy Life, through Honest Technology deployment, for the last man on Earth is our Motto”

For this, we work in health, family and  financial domain, identified three most critical factors contributing to a “dignified human life”.

Wellness Band

We are trying to create a wellness diagnostic band, which will be able to diagnose the health condition of its owner, reduce his diagnostics cost and aid a Doctor in finding solution.

Code your Home

We are creating a system for a home owner, which is easy to use and deploy. Every mother would be able to deploy the product herself and use to make her life easier. 

Financial Security for Family

Concepts under development for securing a family’s financial assistance, when they most need it.