About us

Diac Spaa is essentially an ID Management Device Manufacturer. The main objects of the Company are as To carry on the business of Designing, Developing and manufacturing ID Management Products. The Products are of the Following types
Electronic Hardware, Gadgets

like but not limited to RFID based attendance / Access Machine, Biometrics machine, Scanners, RFID based Cards / Tags, NFC based devices, handhelds, PDA’s, Electronic toys
Internet based / Standalone software, interacting with the above devices. Would also operate on multi platforms like Desktops, Servers, Mobile Phone, and PDA’s and dedicates devices with Propriety / Standard OS.
Full Support systems for the above systems and there SDK’s available to select OEM’s as paid licenses.
Custom to standard databases, as required by Clients.
“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” —Bill Gates

About Identities and Why ID Management

Because of the technological revolutions happening everywhere, the World of Tomorrow will dwindle Geographic Boundaries. In such scenarios, Individual’s identities are also at the risk of getting lost, stolen, duplicated, changed, merged, vanished w/o trace. In many cases, we will have virtual ID’s also. This all will lead to EASY frauds, scams, unsecured activities etc.

ID Management depends heavily on Biometrics, RFID, Smart cards, Access control hardware (logical as well as Physical), real time control hardware and software elements

ID Management Solutions by Diac

“ID Management solutions” by Diac, along with implementation partners strives to merge individuals into dynamic communities and larger masses, without losing an individual’s unique identity. The solutions proposed will enable strong authentication, in line with current technological developments.

They also take into consideration the following

  • Generally accepted Standards.
  • Technology Movements.
  • Co-existence with old as well as futuristic technologies
  • Help in seamless migration from one technology to another.
1. Wearable devices , using almost everything what we have developed so far, from IOT to RFID
2. End to end, real time Attendance System, on IOT
3. Attendance and Access Control Systems, Inter Lock Systems : RFID based, NFC based, Biometrics : Finger ID based
5. ID management : Server based authentication, Bio USB tokens, RF USB Token, iBeacons]
6. Asset Management / Loyalty : Controllers for UHF readers, Dual frequency cards for UHF as well as Proximity
7. RFID Cards architecture supported : 14443B type, RFID, 13.56 MHZ, smart memories,  JAVA contactless smart cards,  Contact / contactless based dual authentication systems, NFC cards and devices
8. Communication links , RS232, TCP/IP, GPRS, wifi
9. Servers : SQL based, Custom configured for specific cases]
10. Middleware: Windows based, Linux based, android based or ios based