A Bluetooth Low Energy based Gadget, for the safety and security of your Family and your belongings. This is designed to work with your smart phone, and also iAmulet. It Locates, Remotely controls, generate Alerts when your valuable moves / is left away.

Very easy to use, even a 2 year old child or an eighty  year old can operate it easily


Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 (bluetooth low energy)
Response frequence 2402MHz-2480MHz
Voltage DC 5V
Standby current 0.4 UA
Charge time 1-2 hours by USB cable
Buzzer 85 dB
Function Key Switch/sourcing
LED Indicator light 2pcs
Dimension D41*T11mm


1. Two way (bidirectional) search for alarm, iphone and the kids, elder, pet, products (such as key, bag, luggage and whatever easy to lose), when these apart a certain distance from the iphone, they will both ring.

2. According to your request, you would choose 0-30M as safe distance to search and anti lost.

3. Multi-voices alarm model (with vibration), the anti- lost alarm is good stuff for you when go outside with your kids, elder, pet and luggage.

4. One iphone can connected at most 4pcs Anti-lost alarm, that’s to say you can safeguard 4 things at the same time and also can take photo of each to differentiate.

5. Rechargeable by micro USB cable. Please charge for half an hour the first time you charge it.

6. Personalized time Settings: you can set the open time and close time of the Anti-lost alarm.

7. Selfie Tap the camera icon to launch camera in the app. Press the button on the Swalle to trigger the phone take picture or video.

  1. To find the any mobile through the ANTI-LOST DEVICE.
  2. To find the child through the ANTI-LOST DEVICE.
  3. To take the picture through the ANTI-LOST DEVICE.


Locate your keys, wallet, by a single click on your mobile


Use as a single function remote and control a gadget, like take selfie from mobile, or any other custom mobile function


Receive alert for your child, laptop, mobile , bag , whenever it gets out of your sight

Ease of Use

Easy to use, even a 2 year old child or an eighty  year old can operate it easily
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