A device to interface with the cards. It has the prime ability for following functions –

1. Read UID from card. Read all other data form the card if required ( can be customized for special OEM needs)
2. Can be configured to take intelligent decisions for OEM applications
3. Write data in the card, which is than stored in the card.
4. Enables a time stamp for any transaction
5. An intelligent data backup, in a structured format. This gives the system a capability to take customized decisions.
6. Transfers data selectively to PC on request,
a. Like For attendance application, based on date, employee or full month.
b. For any other specialized application, special data matrix can be built as desired.

Extra Antenna –
Adding additional antenna, Doubles the system as a second reader. (Distance between two machine installations is upto 5 mtrs).

Connectivity to Server –
Existing LAN network can be used.
GPRS based available as another Option

Data base –
Various data backups as required can be given. At present data backups given in SQL as default. Excel and Access are provided on request. Data on Cloud also available

System Connection software –
Middleware provided. In case of GPRS, direct connectivity to Cloud

• Attendance
• Authentication

1. Reader for Access control cards and related devices, Specifically for 13.56MZ tags
2. Type B Reader – ISO 14443 based
3. Distance 5 cm or 10 cm
4. Connectivity: Default – Ethernet based. Other Options (for custom orders) – USB or RS232 interface to PC, Wireless or GPRS
5. Operation – on line / offline
6. Capacity Limit – 32 Kb x 6 memories – 32,000 records, Employees – 6000. Can be increased for custom requirements.
7. Using more than one machine – The entire database will identify inputs as per the machine, and option for separate or same database per machine will be provided.

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