GPRS Attendance System

Attendance is a very critical function, for any organization. Over the years, we have seen the Attendance Machines fails in general. Machine invariably fails at any office setup, where IT staff is not adequate. Maintenance of PC, LAN network and the related software becomes an headache, sometimes even for the skilled technician. No more………………….. Diac Spaa comes up with a user friendly solution, where a user has to just install a Machine, and no network connections to PC are required. The systems transfers the data directly to cloud, and the reporting system on cloud gives all reports. What’s more, the system comes with a cloud based leave management system, generates SMS’s alerts, as the case may be
1. Reader for Access control cards and related devices, Specifically for 13.56MZ tags
2. Encryption available as option
3. Supports many 13.56 Technologies.
4. Distance 5 cm or 10 cm
5. Connectivity: GPRS
6. Time : from GPS receiver inside
7. Extra Antenna – Adding additional antenna, Doubles the system as a second reader. (Distance between two machine installations is upto 5 meters).
8. Supply : 12 Volts
1. Read UID from card. Read all other data form the card if required ( can be customized for special OEM needs)
2. Take attendance from your NFC based mobile also.
3. Can be configured to take intelligent decisions for OEM applications
4. No RTC, takes satellite time from GPS
5. Enables a time stamp for any transaction
6. An intelligent data backup, in a structured format. This gives the system a capability to take customized decisions.
7. Sends data to server via GPRS
8. Cloud based, Enterprise level application.
9. No PC required
1. Office Attendance
2. Attendance for Multi Office setup – this becomes an all in one solution, capable of handling extremely complex attendance scenarios, like a. A company has offices at different locations, and needs to track attendance of employees visiting different offices at real time b. Attendance at sites (Temporary work/office locations) c. Attendance at moving locations………….. d. Real time Emergency alerts generation from Guard Posts, work areas and other places