Identity & Access Management


Your business needs to manage Identities, Identities on move, on job, inside the office, out visits, out works, on journey, visitor ID’s and more…………. Your business needs to align itself with Government’s Smart City initiatives

With RFID powered, cloud connected hardware,  suddenly every problem appears to be a thing of the past.

“IOT ready, Plug and Play Products and Solutions for ID Authentications and Validations, by deploying latest in technologies ………… be it RFID , HF, UHF, NFC , Active RFID. Diac Spaa is one of the most experienced RFID hardware Designer Manufacturer. We have many qualified clients offering end to end solutions, fully integrated with our products”

I need to…

Manage a large mobile workforce on the field

My client expects immediate access to real time allocation of the mobile work force on the field. How many clients have the work force catered to……….. have they reached the right client, or have they been able to achieve their daily targets, with cost effective logistic ?????

Manage a Fleet of Vehicles…………….

My users often complaints of frequent breakdowns in vehicles, blaming the other drivers. Real time vehicle allocation varies. Often it is required to know which person had been responsible for a particular vehicle ??????

Make it easy to control and monitor access to physical / logical resources

When users need access to resources, the approvals need to happen quickly so they can remain productive. How can I make it easier for users or managers to request, review and approve secure access to physical / logical resources, no matter where they reside?

Align our processes in line with Government’s Smart City Initiative, with respect to taking care of our manpower

Times are changing fast, and we need to re align our processes with the changing scenario. For example providing our staff with intelligent gadgets, which monitor their safety and productivity at the same  time??? Generate Automated, Real time logs without entering anything on PC or paper on our people’s movement
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