Network Partners

1. Various ERP Venders, who have their own end to end software solutions
2. Large Government e project Implementation partners.
3. Our dealers and representatives, in India and abroad.
4. Telematics hardware and solution providers
5. Independent design houses,
6. Smart / RFID Card venders, India, France and China Based
7. Large Silicon venders
8. PCB Designers and manufacturers.
9. Contract manufacturers for production.
10. Market research Companies. – Firms with a high level of expertise in Market Research. This enables us to actually understand the commercial acceptability or worth of a particular Idea, Product or Service.
11. International Venders, who regularly help us in understanding international markets & technology trends. We share excellent relations with many leaders in our area.
12. Various Vendors of electronic components
13. Independent Innovators from all walks of life.