iAmulet is a lifestyle gadget, a wonderful wearable remote. It communicates, monitor, track and control. A great assistant, for your family. The wireless range of communication varies from 30 – 200, based on the model.  Zero radiations, extends to unlimited on 4G

Magic Bulb

Magic Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb, Personal Wireless Lighting Control, No Network or Gateway Needed, 6.5W, 500lm, Wireless Switch, Timers, Dimmable, Million-Color Adjustable, Free App Upgrade, for Both iPhone and Android Phone Users.


NFC / RFID OEM Modules, available on multiple RF protocols on 13.56 Mhz. Designed specifically for IOT applications, where RFID is required as a sensor interface, and data to be sent to RS232 port. The module is easy to interface with other devices and applications, and can easily fit in most of the IOT applications.


Tiny but powerful devices, broadcast their ID. Connects to your phone in close proximity. Use for payments, advertisements, generate alerts, give locations and control applications.

UHF USB Reader

UHF usb reader for long range RFID cards and inlays. To be used for cards customization, desktop transactions and custom applications

ID & Access Management

Your business needs to manage Identities, Identities on move, on job, inside the office, out visits, out works, on journey, visitor ID’s and more…………. Your business needs to align itself with Government’s Smart City initiatives


Gadget for the safety and security of your kids, other family members, laptops, Mobile phone, baggage and other valuables.

Smart Card Reader

Smart cards reader, for RFID based transactions. Can be used for NFC, 14443 A type, B type and also 15693, for library applications. Runs on 13.56 Mhz. Available specially for custom applications. Contactless distance varies from 5 cm to 10 cm, depending on cards.

GPS GPRS Machine

Fully automated, Cloud connected Attendance Machine. Diac Spaa comes up with a user friendly solution, where a user has to just install a Machine, and no network connections to PC are required. The systems transfers the data directly to cloud, and the reporting system on cloud gives all reports. What’s more, the system comes with a cloud based leave management system, generates SMS’s alerts, as the case may be.