About the product :

1. A simple RF reader, with ability to support, client specific, custom or standard protocols
2. Possibility of using encrypted passwords.
3. Special encryption can be build for deserving OEM’s or large system integrators

1. Better Signal to Noise Ratio for noisy environments
2. Flexibility aids security: – ‘moving target approach’
3. No amplifier circuit used, low RFID emissions
4. Varied interfaces available,
5. Ease of installation 6. Flexible operations, for installer.
7. Supply : 5 Volts. 12V as option available
8. Built in security levels.

1. Product : RFID Reader
2. Protocols : 14443Atype, B type, 15693 and NFC
3. Connector – RJ45 type
4. Communication interface – RS232 or CAN or I2C
5. The product will have the following components –
a. RFID chipset
b. Antenna
c. Micro controller
d. Interface circuitry
e. CASING / color may vary, as per the existing model number

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