RFID Smart Cards

SMART CARDS are being used for NFC READERS, RFID READERS at different different communication protocols.Like – 1444B, mifare, NFC.These are also some metal tags available too high distance and more accuracy reading.

These cards –
1. Can Store information
2. Description: Have facility to generate and store other ID’s as per the requirements of the application
3. Can electronically etch data – means some data can not be changed if required.
4. Can store a variety of logics
5. Have a Higher security level – Anti clone technology: means that the card ID’s are unique and can not be duplicated. This is guaranteed from the chip manufacturer. Unlike other technologies, no known duplicates of these cards are available in the market
6. Have Easy to meet Global standards. Already confirms 14443 B type standards, which are open standards.
7. A Unique ID for –
a. Personal / Humans – like Employees, Drivers,
b. Movable Assets like a Cab, Bus, Trucks, Trailers etc
c. Books, Files, specific documents, certificates etc
d. Office furniture etc
e. Assets like Heavy machinery
f. Bigger Installations like electricity poles,
g. To simply put it, any thing which needs a unique identity.
8. Duplicates as a photo ID card, which is an instant identification.
9. Transfers data at a Higher rate (speed of communication) and Faster transaction – Machine can record up to 40 transactions in one minute.
1. Available in different form factors,
a. Wrist bands,
b. White PVC card
c. Factory Printed PVC Card
2. Multi-Functional cards, on dual or triple frequency usage
3. Hybrid cards also available
4. Very High memory cards also available
5. Cards with LCD memory and NFC compatibility, passive type
6. Most of the protocols or technologies available

1·  White PVC cards
2·  Needs no battery
3·  Contact less, so no scratching
4·  Is safe up to 70 degree centigrade.
5·  Works well under noisy environments
6·  Size: ( Dimensions according to ISO standard) 85,60 mm x 53,98 mm (± 0,05mm) , Thickness: 0,76mm (± 0,08mm) = bankcard thickness
7·  Material: shiny PVC , Color: white ,
8·  Reading distance: 5 cm
9·  Storage temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C, at max. 90% relative humidity
10· Printing on cards: Possible with any PVC card printer.