Technologies we are playing with

1. ARM based controllers – ST cortex
2. 8051 based architecture(8 bit, 12 bit) – Slilcon labs, ST, Atmel
3. Anything into RFID, from UHF to LF, varied protocols, BLE to Zigbee
4. Biometrics finger and Iris based
5. I Token based systems – A very secure system for data small transactions.
6. GPS / GPRS based
7. Numerous Asic’s – application specific IC’s , customized for various applications, usually interface devices between PC and auxiliary devices like laptops, mobile phones, palm top, IRDA based devices, specific systems Ethernet based …….
8. Middleware / Front end Software :
a. dotnet, VB6,
b. Realbasic for linux based applications
c. Socket communications
d. Android
e. JAVA ready
9. Servers : MSSQL and integration to others

Working hand in hand with principals help us in Global benchmarking in our designs.