UHF Reader

UHF Reader: Diac Spaa’s UHF readers are for varied distance requirements ( from 1 meter to 20 meters) and are used in access control, ware house, identification and authentication applications. The readers seamlessly integrates with controllers to drive boom barriers and electronic locks.

The readers can be easily integrated with other system architectures with ease, with a variety of interfaces as the need be. Further, it is fully backed by support of handling the UHF Cards, their fast customization and encryption, via desk top interface, which can even access the cloud.Applications like

1. Tracking and authenticate vehicles passing through a passage, entry points to premises, parking lots etc. The access control system can further drive boom-barriers.
2. Employee Authentication and access control: Integrates with access control hardware for longer distance identification and authentication of employees.
3. Movable Asset Tracking: Integrates with access control system to record on-the-move assets such as laptops moving in and out of the premises.